Dental Clinic

Red Bird Dental Clinic is currently open 6 days a week and 3 days a week providing preventive, basic and major services to the people of Eastern Kentucky along with providing removable dental prosthetics as well as fixed prosthetics. There is one dentist, who serves as Dental Director and 3 full-time dental auxiliary staff. We maintain a sliding scale fee program for individuals that lack funding sources to get the care they need.

The Red Bird Dental Clinic has an existing partnership with the University of Louisville School of
Dentistry by providing rotation in our clinic for all 3 rd year dental students. These rotations allow
students to gain experience in a rural setting and encounter more complex oral health conditions.
We have also partnered with 6 addiction recovery centers to restore the oral health of individuals
that are successfully completing recovery programs. We are one of few sites in the nation that is
addressing the oral health of recovery patients. It is imperative that these individuals restore their
oral health to gain meaningful employment, restore their overall health, and restore self-esteem and
self-respect. We are in communication with other centers to potentially expand these much needed
services in other communities.

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